Kiril Nikolov Madzharov

Kiril Nikolov Madzharov (1914-1944) was born in Ustovo (today a quarter of Smolyan). He was one of the Madzharovs family, generations of whom were goldsmiths and eminent public figures who left a permanent mark in the modern economic and cultural history of the Middle Rhodopes. Kiril Madzharov began studying  law at Sofia University (1936). While a student he wrote for the Zhupel, the Krasnogor, the Bitter laughter, the RLF, the Horo and other newspapers. Under the influence of Hristo Smirnenski, Peyu Yavorov and Dimcho Debelyanov, he started writing poems, the first of them published in the Rhodopes Thought newspaper in 1934. He worked for the Rhodopes Thought together with Anastas Primovski and Nikolay Perich. He was called up to the Bulgarian Occupational Corps in Yougoslavia and was killed near the town Kurshumli (Yougoslavia) on 14th August 1944.